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  • Sponsor a screen page today!

    Sponsorship fee is donated to Hertfordshire Mind Network and HSO
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Why become a local community sponsor?
1. Your business will be a crucial part of driving positive change in Hertfordshire! We have cleverly created inviting "Digital Community Spaces" signposting much needed valuable mental health resources  
2. We will directly promote your local business as part of the local digital community!  We periodically run digital pop up events at at our venues showcasing you sponsorship on site and widely across social media channels
3. Exposure to new audiences (circa 80 people per day!) We have a growing footprint in high footfall areas around Hertfordshire


If you are interested to hear more about what we do please sign up to our ever growing community of donors and supporters.  We are working constantly with our amazing member charities to improve overall UK donor income generation.

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Our digital community  pop up screens are placed in busy public places of interest by our host venues situated around the UK. Enter your postcode to find locations near you where you can be part of our ever growing socially conscious local business community


Available locations and assigned charities are disclosed at time of booking. 

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